And no, I’m not talking about Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings with all of the deleted material.

British Airways, as reported by Bloomberg and referenced by my friend Chris Guillebeau, is planning on debuting a unique, “slower” take on in-flight entertainment.  Namely, they’ve purchased the rights to: a 7-hour train ride from Bergen, Norway, to Oslo, Norway.  There will be no commentary, no voice-overs, no confessionals, and none of the train cars will be voted off the island.

Welcome to the era of Slow TV.

I found the video they’re planning to use on Youtube, see it below.

Apparently Norweigans love this style of TV.  They say it’s more relaxing, less noisy, and you never know what you’ll see.  They literally just put a camera on the front of a train.  Now, it probably helps that the train is traveling through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

For a really scientific survey, I went on youtube and looked up some similar videos to see how many views they have.  Looks to me like they might have a winner.

Other train rides

Fireplaces are more popular

Would you watch this for at least part of your journey?  I honestly think I would.  At a certain point on my longer flights I’ll usually zone out and just stare at the flight map that plays on the screen, and really this isn’t too much different from that.

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