Travel Blogger Bingo

The travel/points blogger world is a fun one.  Lots of great writers (especially those on the and networks, I’m biased though) write about amazing and incredible experiences.

(Giddy for Points, part of another fine blogging network, First2Board, put together a fantastic listing of the bloggers that are part of the various networks for reference)

Simply because we all tend to fly similar routes and have similar aspirational properties and experiences we seek, there’s a lot of overlap in this world.  So I thought we should play a little game: Travel Blogger Bingo.

Rules are simple.  You can make a straight line, diagonal line, four corners, or go for blackout and complete all squares (I can think of a few bloggers who have actually done all of these).

The Bingo Board

I picked the individual squares based on a unflenchingly rigid set of strict guidelines that were created via extensive research and analysis of blah blah blah ok I actually thought of these about 10 minutes ago based on nothing but my thoughts.

Everyone ready?  Let me know in the comments when you have bingo, and feel free to post links to some of your favorite experiences!


  1. Does it count if you only have the center square and no others? 😛

  2. Thanks for the link! No bingo for me ..I guess I’m not that awesome enough lol

  3. Thanks for linking me! I too only have to center squares…I guess I’m not that awesome engough :p

  4. Lol, I too have no bingo..;)

  5. I’ve got 11 of the 25… but there are enough of these I wouldn’t go out of my way to do that I’d probably never get a bingo. (Although if I can borrow the center square from Points With a Crew, I’d have the top left to lower right diagonal…)

  6. Bingo! Top left to bottom right. Also got 11 out of the 25.

  7. Bingo! On a personal level I mean. Middle row straight across. Overall I am at 10 squares.

  8. I’m missing 3 squares above, and they’re surprising ones

    * I knew about and shared the Delta mistake for instance but I didn’t book any for myself…

    * I didn’t do the wideroe fuel dump because.. coach).

    * And I’ve never flown the EK A380!

  9. That meme…hahaha

  10. Bingo! Top to bottom last column. However a couple of quirks to the usual blogger crowd. First I’ve stayed at PH Tokyo many times with my work, actually paying for the pleasure. That is how I got Qantas first class too. Second I have also actually stayed at Burj al Arab, using this amazing points currency called “US Dollars”. I really should write it up it was back in 2006. The one thing I will say is your travel bingo shows how new you are to this game (at least that is what the bingo implies). There is nothing in here about stuff from years gone by. In fact just mentioning Maldives puts you into the last 3 years as before PH Maldives it was never mentioned by anyone, anywhere in this community. You should have added some historics like “Lifetime AA Plat through Citi Churning”, “Fly Concorde with BAEC points and no YQ”, “MR EXP Status using Expedia Vegas Mistake” etc

    • Oh I’m very new, but I also wanted to make it fairly recent so more could participate. I’d love to see your legacy version!

    • Probably Chris Guillebeau. I love his recent take on finding the little things in each place he visits. Thanks for the comment!

      • He really is such an inspiration! I will also add him on my list! I remember when I read his post somewhere ” Quit your job and travel the world”. the best article I have read!

        Thank you for dropping by! All the best! 🙂

        Deanna ( )


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