“That looks like it’s on another planet!”

“I can’t believe a place like that exists on earth!”

“Hey Andy, how about that $20 you owe me?!”

I heard all of the above when showing my friends pictures of my wonderful trip to Antelope Canyon.  This week’s picture of the week comes from the majestic slot canyon just outside of Page, Arizona.  I took this with my Fuji X10, a great fixed-lens camera that served as my starter camera before I picked up my Sony a7 a couple of months ago.  There is drama all over Antelope Canyon, but it’s actually incredibly difficult to shoot pictures because it’s very crowded and the light is all over the place.  For a beginning photographer, it challenged the heck out of me, but I was able to get some great shots from it.

“Devil’s Backbone” by Andy Luten

Devil's Backbone, Antelope Canyon

Devil’s Backbone, Antelope Canyon

Everyone have a good week!



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