Cheap fares to Europe…told you so

A330 to Europe!

A330 to Europe!

I don’t want to say I caused this (because that would be inaccurate), but remember in my How to find Cheap Flights article I told you that is a great website?

Check out the great fares to Europe they found!   Book fast!




  1. Andy – what if I dont care where I go (just where I’m departing from and returning to)? Here’s the scenario: I have a list of cities/places on my bucket that, at any given time, if a good fare pops up I would buy a ticket and plan a trip. I have the flexibility in my work and the ability to act quick when the deals pop up. Unfortunately, right now it STINKS to have to run searches on each destination (or create and then monitor multiple fare alerts for each). Frankly, it means I do not search or watch those cities as often as I’d like. Any thoughts / ideas?

    Basically are there any good software / webpages / email digests that 1) filter by city of departure and 2) provide the actual and accurate deals to a desired list of MULTIPLE places?

    • Not really anything like that I know of, I’m working on a project for something very similar to that, I’ll keep you posted as it progresses.

      • Heck, I’d even take something that allowed me to filter deals by departing city (i.e., “here’s all the good deals for fleeing Dallas in the coming weeks/months”). Every website seems destination specific rather than departure city specific.

        I’ll be interested to see whatever you are working on as it comes available. Thank you Andy!


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