I’m on a flight to Dallas and there is NOT an Ebola scare on it


Just a friendly reminder that, although it’s good to remain very vigilant, we should all tap the brakes a bit before losing sleep over the Ebola scare.

Media get paid most often by page views and honestly I don’t blame them for trying to write as much as they can with the clickbait-jest headlines possible, but at a certain point we should all put our phones and internets down and go out to live our lives the best we can.

Everyone travel safe and have a great weekend!


  1. You mean tap the brakes? I wish you bloggers would proofread your stuff …

    • Oops, good spot. First typo I’ve ever had I assure you.

  2. There will always be a lot of fear in the world and media will keep on making money out of it…

    It’s important to keep on travelling anyway, otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy the moment in the future 🙂


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