I love cloudy sunsets.  Whenever it looks like rain and it’s near sunset, you’ll find me scrambling to a nice location with my camera as everyone else retreats.  Why?  Clouds add drama, plain and simple.  This week’s Picture of the Week comes from a familiar location for those of you who follow the blog regularly: White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas.  It’s reasonably close to where I live and has some great locations for pictures.  So here it is, a panorama of semi-long exposure shots of White Rock Lake at sunset.

For the photographers: I shot this at ISO 100 and F22, simply because I do not yet own an ND filter and needed to have the smallest aperture possible for a long enough exposure to smooth out the water (I think they were 6 second exposures that I blended together in Photoshop).  I had my 70-200 on my a7, so it wasn’t really the most optimal pano shooting session of all time, but I was pleased with the result.

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