AA Boarding Pass

AA Boarding Pass

A few months ago I wrote an article and posted a video about why you should stop posting your boarding passes to social media:

Unfortunately, we now have an example of yet another person who fell victim to this.

WFAA (my local Dallas station) reports a sad story of a Houston Texans football fan whose boyfriend decided to surprise her with a trip to the away game in Jacksonville, Florida.  She was excited and they posted pictures of their boarding passes to a Texans Facebook group.

An online prankster found the boarding passes, logged in, and canceled their flights!  As I show you in the video above, it’s not that hard to do.

Fortunately the story has a happy ending!  The airline eventually reissued the tickets and their story went viral during their flight.  They ended up being invited to tailgates hosted by Jacksonville fans and even received sideline passes for the game!

It’s a great ending to an otherwise annoying story.  Sure there are things the airlines could do to make things more secure, but don’t wait for them: simply stop posting boarding passes (and concert/event tickets as well) to social media!

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