Me next to a plant...I dunno

Me next to a plant…I dunno

I’ve been the featured blogger for this week, which is why a few of you have visited my site (or even heard of it).  Just wanted to say thanks to everyone at BoardingArea for the chance to show my writing and my pictures to the world and to all my new readers.

I started Andy’s Travel Blog as a trip report repository in November 2012 and it has grown into something bigger.  What I can promise you is the following:

  • Fun, witty writing that is approachable and conversational
  • Informative articles about travel using points and/or miles
  • Atypical topics, i.e. I’m not going to write about something just because everyone else is writing about it
  • Great photography
  • Humility

How to stay in touch

This part is easy.  51 weeks of the year I’m over at Prior2Boarding with some other wonderful bloggers.  Check us out there for some great travel writing.

As for me:

Subscribe to my posts!  By submitting your email address in the upper right corner of the page you’ll receive an email whenever a new post pops up.



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