Picture of the Week – Austin, Texas

I’m in Austin this weekend.  One of my best friends in the world lives here and it had been forever since I’d seen him, plus some friends are competing in a CrossFit competition, so I made the 3 hour drive down.

I’m staying at a Hyatt Place here, and dang it if they’re not excellent.  I’m (gasp!) spending my own money on this hotel stay and feel like I’m getting a great value for it.

Anyway, I went out shooting yesterday morning as some rainclouds were rolling in, which to me said I needed to make some gritty, desaturated-looking shots.  So I did!

This is the Austin skyline from Auditorium Shores park off the Colorado River.

austin texas

Austin Skyline

For the photographers

This was a 15 second exposure shot at f20, ISO 100.  Only reason I went to f20 is to slow the shutter speed down enough so the water would smooth out without me having to bust out my ND filter and do a 15-minute exposure.


  1. Great shot! I lived in Austin for a few years and love it there : ) Too bad you are missing the AustinDo by a few weeks!


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