I’ve posted a lot of Dallas skyline pictures. And so it is this week again. Dallas used to trail Houston in my Skylines of Texas rankings, but I’ve really come to appreciate it more and more the longer I’ve lived here.

This shot captures Dallas’s Bank of America Plaza framing a bustling intersection, with traffic making its way through downtown.  The purple and blue hues of a winter’s sunset provide some color depth in the background, leading to a shot that I’m very happy to present to you!

downtown dallas sunset

Downtown Dallas at Sunset, by Andy Luten

For the photographers: This was actually made up of 4 13 second exposures at f11, ISO 100.  The reason I used the four exposures was to provide enough traffic light trails on the street.  I simply took the pictures into Photoshop as layers, masked them in using the Lighten blend mode, and voila!

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