My friend Bethany and I went to the Keukenhof Gardens outside of Amsterdam yesterday.  I’ll do a more thorough post on it, but we went for one reason: tulips.  It’s tulip season (or at least the beginning thereof) here.

I took about 398523987456923784527693 pictures but have started going through some of them and, to put it humbly, am really impressed!  I’ll go more in-depth into some of the photographic elements (lens selection and whatnot) later, but wanted to share one of the pics I’ve really enjoyed so far.  I used a telephoto lens to get some great compression of the background while the front tulips are tack sharp.

I’ve formatted this one for use as an iPhone 6 wallpaper (but let me know if you’d like it for Android/other systems), let me know if you use it and please enjoy!

Keukenhof Tulips, by Andy Luten

Keukenhof Tulips, by Andy Luten



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