The Freddie Awards are the travel industry’s loyalty program awards.  Kind of like the Oscars for the points and miles industry, except instead of some academy deciding the winners, we all get a voice.

Voting closes TODAY, so make sure to cast your vote here.


Why is your vote important?

Airlines and hotels are constantly trying to find a balance between the most profitability and rewarding the loyalty of their customers.

Sometimes this balancing act leads loyalty programs to do stuff that makes us angry, whether it’s devaluing their award chart, copying and pasting the worst part of another airline’s program, or taking away benefits you’d come to appreciate.  Other times they stand pat and leave everything alone for a little while, which is usually better for the consumer.

Either way, the Freddie Awards are your chance to tell airline and loyalty executives EXACTLY what you think.  Do you like Delta’s new earning scheme based on the price of your ticket and not miles flown?  How about United’s new innovative earning model where they simply copied and pasted Delta’s program?  Which hotel loyalty program is doing it the best, does SPG still rule or has Hyatt taken over?

Use your voice.  Your vote actually makes a difference.  Vote today!

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