This week’s PotW comes from Dallas, Texas.  During the first few weeks of Spring the Dallas Arboretum has their annual Dallas Blooms festival.  There are tulips, hydrangeas, pansies, pretty much any type of Spring flower in the USA is there, and they’re all coming out of their shells to drink in the sunlight and show their colors to the world.

While it certainly didn’t compare to the Keukenhof in Amsterdam, it was still pretty great, and I happily spent most of Saturday morning walking around the 66-acre park on the shores of White Rock Lake.

The Lone Tulip, by Andy Luten

The Lone Tulip, by Andy Luten

For the photographers: I shot this with my Sony a7 with my relatively new 70-200 lens zoomed in to 200mm.  ISO 100, f4, and it was a 1/640 second exposure.  I love shooting flowers with the big zoom because of the background compression you get and when you can isolate a single bulb like the above the subject separation is just factastic.



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