In case you haven’t read the news, Texas has had a bit of rain lately. And I mean “bit of rain” in the sense that the Burj Khalifa is “kind of tall”.

The Trinity River floodplain runs south of downtown Dallas and typically is nothing more than a greenbelt with parks, walkways, and a small trickle of water. Right now it’s currently at 40 feet! This has kept photographers like me busy, because it’s not every day you can get a skyline shot of downtown with water in it!  So that’s the Picture of the Week this week, downtown Dallas framed with water.

Dallas, flooded, by Andy Luten

Dallas, flooded, by Andy Luten

For the photographers: This was shot from a tripod at 1/15 second exposure, f8, ISO 100.  I added a graduated filter to the bottom in Lightroom to darken the water and added just a tinge of blue to the sky using another graduated filter.



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