I make it a practice to go back and re-edit some of my pictures from time to time.  As I learn new techniques and methods of editing I’ve found that plenty of photos have been given another lease on life.  And so it was with this week’s picture of the week.

Antelope Canyon, just outside of Page, Arizona, is a photographer’s dream.  It looks like an alien planet and, once you get used to photographing it, it’s actually pretty easy.  There are special photographer’s tours where guides will usher people out of your shot and give you some extra time to compose and get everything you need.  If you’re a photographer with a DSLR and tripod, you can get some breathtaking photos.

Anyway, this one is actually not technically that great.  The highlights are blown out and the shadows are really dark.  But for whatever reason I love it.  The sun comes through just right and the sunburst really solidifies the effect.

Anyway, here it is!

Antelope Canyon Sunburst

Antelope Canyon Sunburst

For the photographers: This was taken with my old camera, a Fuji X10.  I was at f11, ISO 400, and it ended up being a 1.8 second exposure.  I didn’t really know what I want doing back then, I can’t wait to go back with my new camera!

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