Going back through some more pictures and re-editing them, just for fun.  The Wyly Theater is part of the AT&T Performing Arts Center in downtown Dallas and is a stark departure from the typical downtowny vibe of Dallas.  It’s a beautiful theater on the outside and is really cool on the inside as well, it’s touted as one of the most versatile theater setups and is capable of staging just about any type of show.

Anyway, here you go, the Dee and Charles Wyly Theater in Dallas!

Dee and Charles Wyly Theater, Dallas, Texas

Dee and Charles Wyly Theater, Dallas, Texas

For the photographers: This was a handheld shot from my Sony a7 only a few weeks after I got it.  If any of you follow Trey Ratcliff, this was taken during his Dallas photowalk.  I didn’t really know as much about photography back then, so the settings are a little weird: 1/25 second exposure at f18 and ISO 100.  I pushed everything around in Lightroom a bit, brought down the Luminance of the blues, then finished it off with some tonal contrast in Color Efex Pro 4.



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