I’m in New York City again this week, visiting my absolute favorite client. It’s great seeing everyone and we’re getting a lot of work done. I’ve also had some time to go out and get some photography done.

Even though I’ve been to New York City probably 40-50 times in the past few years, I’ve never visited either of the viewing decks in the city: atop the Empire State Building and the Top of the Rock viewing deck atop Rockefeller Center. That changed last night.

I chose the Top of the Rock over the Empire State Building for one main reason: I wanted to have a grand vista of New York City that included the Empire State Building!

I went up right around sunset, and fortunately for me only 18 billion other people had the exact same idea.  It was a bit crowded around the railings but fortunately I’m fairly tall, so I was able to find some room, stick my camera up, and start shooting.

new york city top of the rock

Empire State Building at Dusk

I took a few hundred pictures last night and am still going through them, but definitely wanted to share this next one with you, a panorama looking north over Central Park with the new 432 Park and One57 buildings visible.

new york city top of the rock

Central Park Panorama

Special Bonus: I can’t sell these pictures, which is kind of a bummer.  What I can do (at least I think) is give them away, so here’s a link to a full resolution file of the first picture in this post!  It’s a massive file, so let it load and then you can right-click and Save to your computer.  From there you can print it or whatever else you’d like.  Only thing I ask is that you go do something nice for someone who isn’t expecting it and we’ll call it even.

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