A dear friend got married in Las Vegas yesterday and i made my way there from a work trip to attend. They picked a really cool place for the wedding: the Neon Museum! Just north of downtown Las Vegas, the Neon Museum is an exhibit of many signs from casinos that were shut down, torn down, or even just got rid of signs as part of renovations.

It was a really fantastic place and I’d recommend a visit if you’re going ot be in Vegas. This week’s picture of the week is one that I took there, of a Golden Nugget sign covered up by an entrance sign and various other letters. To the right you’ll see one of the newest signs in the collection, from New York New York, and then a Palms sign as well. To the left in the background you’ll see the Lady Luck Casino sign, in front of which they had the wedding.

So here it is, this week’s picture of the week: Neon.

neon museum las vegas


For the photographers: I had plenty of sunlight for the shot and wanted everything as crisp as possible from front to back.  I was at 16mm on my 16-35 and lowered the a7rii to its lowest possible ISO (50, in the expanded range of the camera, I usually stick to native ISO but figured there was so much light there’s a good chance it’d turn out well).  I was in Aperture Priority mode and that ended up giving me an exposure time of 1/80s at f11, ISO 50.  Didn’t need to do too much in post to this one, pulled up the shadows a bit, added some clarity to the signs, then threw it into Photoshop for a High Pass layer of sharpening.

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