The one travel accessory that makes every trip better

I sat there the other days when my eyes drifted to my love.  Words needn’t be spoken.  I listened for one final breath and then it happened…silence.  Gone.

So I put a new battery in my Bose QC15 Noise-Cancelling headphones and cranked my music back up.

bose qc15 review

Bose QC15 headphones

I love my QC15s.  I wear them on every flight and frequently find myself wearing them at home.  They’re not cheap, usually between $250-300, but occasionally you’ll see them cheaper (around the holidays usually).

bose qc15 review


How do they work?  Pretty simple.  When you turn them on, they take a reading of the ambient noise in the area.  They’ll then digitally distinguish what is noise versus what is legitimate noise that you want to hear.  To counteract the ambient noise they broadcast a counter-noise that is outside the range of human hearing but minimizes/”cancels” the ambient noise out.

The short version of the above: turn headphones on, get great sound.

There’s really not much more to say, you need to try these things out and buy a pair if you have the dough for it.  They will make every flight better.  (I have the limited edition blue ones, most will have a silver finish)

bose qc15 review

I got the blue pair of headphones

bose qc15 review

Side view

Any questions about them? Leave  in the comments below!


  1. I love them j have the grey ones can’t imagine of traveling w/o them …. I have the QC 15 for a
    And I just got tired
    Having to charge the batteries

  2. Looks like the QC15 are no longer made; think there is now QC25 &/or QC20.
    Had loaner ones on AA flights in (J) B/C seats last month to China; don’t recall model on AA; glad I now have item to give my wife for my gift wish list.

    • I don’t think I realized they no longer made the QC15. The one critique I have about the QC15 is that it’s hard to sleep. I thought about trying the in-ear ones but just don’t feel like it’d be the same.

  3. I had the over ears for a few months but recently switched to the in ears. Same quality in terms of sound but I love them so much more because I can lean against my seat or wall on a plane, I can wear them for hours without getting an imprint in my hair, and they charge via usb instead of batteries.

    Great choice either way though!

    • I’m on the fence! For whatever reason I’ve just never been able to find a pair of in-ears that would stay in my ears.

    • Thanks for stopping by also, I’ve followed your work for a long time!

  4. I’m definitely a lifelong fan of Bose! Give the QC20’s a try. I hate ear buds but they really are quite different. They are sold with multiple sizes of ear bud covers and the fit is amazing. Super comfortable and they don’t fall out. I’ve had on the ear and over the ear Bose QC products for years. The noise-canceling is the same if not better. Battery life is good and if you forgot to charge them 2 weeks ago, they are still great headphones and can still be used without the noise canceling function.

  5. I love my QC20, it’s great that they pack into a little pouch rather than the large case of the QC15/QC25 and as Jason indicated, they continue to pass the audio even with no power.

    I find it helpful that that they can be charged via USB since more airlines have those available. If not, a small battery pack works just as well.

  6. It is said that music is your best friend on a solo trip. What’s better than carrying a headphone! Thanks a lot for introducing me to Bose QC15 Noise-Cancelling headphones that filters legitimate noise from general noise. While travelling, now I can carry it as my companion.


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