Hi everyone! I’m wrapping up a busy work trip in Copenhagen with a sudden and extreme road trip to a special place in Norway. I’ll fill you in later about the special place I went to but for now wanted to show you a picture I shot from somewhere in Norway. No idea where this was at (and I’m not sure I could spell it if I knew!) but after an entire week of clouds I was just happy to see the sun!


Norwegian Sunrise

For the photographers: I wanted to be sure I got a good sunburst for this shot, so my rule on that is to start at f16 and go up from there if I need to (in this case, f16 was enough).  ISO was 100 and the exposure time was 1/60.  I was at full width on my 16-35mm lens as well.  I processed the picture almost verbatim how I did this one from last week, so check it out for all my tasty editing secrets!

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