Travel Will Not Fix You

I’ve heard quite a few people say things like “I wish I could travel like you!  It must be so great jetting all over the place” and “if only I could travel more…”

Most of the time they’re right, but I made a video to share with you my real opinion about what travel can and cannot do.  As you begin looking toward next year and putting some travel goals in place, make sure those goals are in place for the right reason.

Here’s what I mean (please watch the whole video, it’s 4.5 minutes long, and I’m sorry about the shakiness!):

To sum it up: make sure the idea of “traveling the world” isn’t a crutch preventing you from working through your junk and living a full life.

A Guy Who At Times Uses Travel To Prevent Him From Working Through His Junk And Living A Full Life


  1. Wowzee, thank you for this blog post.

    A decade+ ago when I found FlyerTalk, I was dealing with the onset of life-altering medical issues and travel became the perfect escape.

    Now ten years later, I am, for the most part, in the same head space, but completely burnt out on travel. It became less and less fun and more and more of a burden. No regrets seeing 40+ countries.

    I have many FT friends and acquaintances and I always hoped I would find a few FT travel companions, but never did. I wasn’t looking for 24/7 company, but someone(s) to spend equal time exploring/apart, someone(s) to meet up with for dinner at the end of each day.

    A few years ago, after the NW/DL and UA/CO mergers, and programs began to change, I decided when my passport expiration came up 30 Oct 15, I would not renew. Fifteen days to go and I’m sticking to it. When people ask why, I say I need to at least try to live real life.

    Best of luck to you! I’ll be following along

  2. I definitely know where you’re coming from. Probably most of us bloggers do. If you ever want a travel companion, let me know though! I am always looking for more people to travel with too.

  3. These are the kind of blog posts that make me take notice of the blogger. This one-way dialog to readers makes you stand out from the crowd of travel bloggers and become an individual person. Thanks.

    Unfortunately, I am on the opposite end of the travel scale. People want to travel with me or meet me when I travel and I prefer to be unfettered and move around on my own with no appointments to meet people or plans to keep.



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