Proud to debut a short timelapse film (in 4K): Icons of Aggieland

Hello! Today I am proud to debut a short timelapse film I made about Texas A&M University. I had a small amount of time to film at the university but managed to get enough for a solid film. My goal was to capture the pageantry, history, and scenery of my alma mater.

Whether you’re an Aggie or not, I hope you’ll watch! Special thanks goes to my buddy and photography mentor Brian Braun for some timelapse gear and a lifetime of encouragement.

(watch in as high of quality as possible, all the way up to 4K!)


  1. Very cool! What type of rig did you have for moving video? Was sunset on a track or zoom technique? What about walking cam? Is it the same thing you used for the travel won’t fix you video?

    • For the slow panning shots I had my buddy’s Kessler CineDrive and I zoomed in Photoshop. For the walking cam I just held the camera in my hand and used Warp Stabilization in After Effects to smooth it out.


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