[Original text of article below.  Turns out this has been around since 2013 and I had no idea.  Just your friendly reminder that my word is not gospel and I don’t know everything 🙂 ]

I’m sorry if this is old news but I’ve never seen it before.  My buddy Mark sent this over to me and I immediately fell in love with it.

Click here for the American Airlines Award Map Search

American Airlines Award Map Search

Award Map Search

This tool allows you to search by general destination and (this is the best part) narrow your search to only look for flights on AA metal.  This is important when looking at trans-atlantic flights where British Airways and Iberia charge fuel surcharges.

Other search features include the amount of miles you’d like to use, number of passengers, and dates of travel.

Have you used this tool?  What did you think?

(this could totally be old news but I consider myself up to speed with American Airlines news and this is the first time I’ve seen it, apologies if it’s been around for years and I’m a moron!)

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