How to Fold a Shirt: a Traveler’s Tutorial (in 4K!)

I’m on and off the road quite frequently (two more trips next week alone!), which means I fold quite a few shirts.  How do I manage?  That’s right, YouTube.  I found a tutorial video that was like 5 seconds long and had narration in an Asian language, but once I got the technique down it changed my life.

I thought I could make a more helpful video with step by step instructions.  I also did some unnecessary statistics and found this cuts my shirt-folding time by 80%.  We’re talking MINUTES of my life I’m saving!

Here’s the video for you, any questions, just ask!



  1. Awesome! took some time to get it, but it’s a real good technique.

    Any ideas how can full slack shirts be folded?

    • We have top men working on that right now, stay tuned!

  2. Amazing! Will this work with long sleeve dress shirts?

    • It doesn’t work well with long sleeve dress shirts because of the sleeve length. I’ve been testing a few methods to get close those, stay tuned!


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