American Airlines devalues your AAdvantage miles for bookings on or after March 22, 2016

Have some AAdvantage miles that you’d like to use on premium cabins or on American partners?  Make your bookings before March 22, 2016.

As part of American’s new AAdvantage program, they announced some major changes to their award charts.  Flights on American metal in economy have mostly stayed the same (as has economy on partner airlines), but premium cabins have gone up on American metal and way up on partner airlines.

Again, these changes just rolled out so I’m just going to link to the award charts, my analysis will follow tomorrow.  The biggest changes are for premium cabin travel on both award charts.

American Airlines award chart pre-change
American Airlines award chart for bookings made on or after March 22, 2016

Partner award chart pre-change
Partner award chart for bookings made on or after March 22, 2016

My advice: consider making some bookings.  And don’t panic or overreact (like I’m prone to do).  There are still valuable awards out there.

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