Picture of the Week: Dallas skyline from a helicopter

It’s that time of year again: going up in a helicopter over Dallas to check out Christmas lights with my friends from Epic Helicopters.  I went up with them Friday night on a great flight and we were able to see so many houses with amazing Christmas lights!

One of the parts I enjoy most about an Epic flight is flying around downtown Dallas.  It’s a great skyline that’s been featured here many times, and tonight will be another of those times.  Enjoy!  And get ready, one week from tomorrow begins an amazing week of giveaways and some incredible trip reports!

Dallas Helicopter Skyline

Dallas Helicopter Skyline


  1. Hi Andy, nice photo!

    What lens and settings did you use?


    • Hi Trevor! Sorry, I usually post that in the body of the post itself, but I was in a rush yesterday. I used the Sony 28mm lens at f2, which was a mistake (using too wide a lens like that messes with the meter on my camera). Shutter speed was around 1/125 and ISO was cranked to either 6400 or 8000. I normally shoot with a 55mm f1.8 which is much better for night-time shooting.


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