One of the best parts about photography is meeting other photographers.  My journey as a photographer (and now videographer) began only recently (August 2013) but in 2.5 short years I’ve developed great friendships with a number of people all around the world, photographers and some who just enjoy following my work (ahem….@realandyluten on Instagram…ahem).

Most of you know I live in Dallas, Texas (for now…), and there’s an up-and-coming timelapse photographer here called Matthew Borrett of Thirty One Three Media.  He and I compare notes from time to time and he’s been a valuable friend and resource as I’ve put together some of my better timelapses.  He recently released his 2016 Timelapse Reel and I wanted to be sure and share it with you.  The city of Dallas has transformed its skyline in the past few years (which I try to show you quite often) but Matthew really went the extra mile to show not only the buildings and scenery of Dallas but some of the heart of it as well.

I hope you’ll give it a watch in HD, enjoy!  Keep up the good work Matthew!

Time-Lapse Reel 2016 from Matthew Borrett on Vimeo.

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