Last weekend I went on a mileage run to Hong Kong (because that’s normal). I was luckily upgraded to Business Class on the flight over. Now, I’ve flown this flight quite a few times (this was my third time in Business Class) and I’ve even reviewed it previously, so I wanted to do something different.

Macro Lenses

One of the newest lenses I picked up for my Sony a7rII is the Sony FE 90mm f2.8 macro lens.  Macro lenses, for those of you who don’t know, allow you to get super up-close to your subject, making for very interesting pictures!

I decided to bring my Manfrotto Pixi tabletop tripod and the macro lens for the 15:30 flight to Hong Kong.  I figured the pictures might be ok but was amazed at how they turned out!

Before the flight began the flight attendants distributed amenity kits and warm towels.

Lunch Service

Our meal service began with warm mixed nuts.  American’s nut mix has changed to mostly cashews so I had to get a picture featuring one of the few other nuts!

american airlines food pictures

Pecan and mixed nuts/cashews

With the warm nuts I requested a dragonslayer (my manly name for a Bailey’s on the rocks)

american airlines food pictures

Bailey’s on the Rocks

The starter was a salad and tomato tart.  I didn’t really like either item, nor did my camera because it wouldn’t focus on anything, so oops.  ANYWAY, they brought the bread basket by and I selected pretzel bread.

american airlines food pictures

Pretzel Bread

American consistently nails the pretzel bread and this flight was no different.

american airlines food pictures

Pretzel Bread being eaten

For the main course I selected the coffee-crusted beef fillet.  I was hoping for a similarly cooked steak to the one I had the last time I was on this flight but it was well done, sadly.  With the steak came some potatoes and a nice sauce.

american airlines food pictures

American Steak

american airlines food pictures


With the main course I had the Chardonnay, which was fairly tasty (I’m not a huge wine drinker so it may have been a bad bottle of wine but I don’t feel like I’d know enough to tell the difference).

american airlines food pictures


I was looking forward to dessert.  American hand-makes sundaes for Business Class passengers and I’ve never had a bad one!  The flight attendants saw my photography setup (which was only the slightly bit conspicuous) and played along, making the sundae “as photogenic as possible” for my pictures.  (side note: what a lovely crew!)

american airlines food pictures

Ice Cream Sundae

I was happy with the above image but didn’t feel like it was close enough.

american airlines food pictures


A truly amazing sundae and what a unique perspective (yeah I know that makes me sound conceited, but whatever I’m proud of them)!

Snack Bar

The cabin staff sets up a very nice snack bar in the lobby area of the Business Class cabin for passengers to grab some snacks from during the flight.  I had never seen one set up so thoroughly so I was sure to grab some pictures.

american airlines food pictures

Snack Bar

I grabbed a few snacks and returned to my seat, after requesting another dragonslayer to drink.

american airlines food pictures

Tart snack

american airlines food pictures

Cheesecake pastry in front of tart

The breakfast/snack service was great, they served the scrambled eggs and biscuit dish that I love so much.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find a good angle to photograph it without it looking kind of gross, so I just skipped it 🙂

I definitely grabbed a picture of the cheesecake though.

american airlines food pictures

Cheesecake dessert

All in all it was a wonderful flight with a great crew, great food, and some great pictures!


Which picture is your favorite?



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