Yesterday I introduced my new camera to you and posited that it may just be the best new travel camera on the market.  I wanted to share some image samples with you to further prove my point.

Here’s the thing with image samples: most people share these boring bland pictures of, say, a brick wall or something similar.  Not me.  I went out in the pond area around my office yesterday with my macro lens to try and get some great shots for you.  Did I post-process them?  You bet.  I wanted to make sure the images were as flexible and “pullable” as the images from my old Sony a7 and indeed they are.

[note: the only way I was able to get the RAW files into Lightroom and Photoshop was to change the EXIF data into acting like the camera was an a6000, since no one supports the a6300 quite yet]

Image Samples

The camera displayed an amazing amount of detail and the autofocus was quick enough to immediately lock on to the squirrel.

sony a6300


(mainly I used this picture because the squirrel is smiling and happy that Spring weather has returned, there’s a better image of that squirrel soon)

I had my 90mm macro lens on the a6300.  It’s known as an incredibly sharp lens and it was a nice combo with the a6300 (although it looked a bit ridiculous on the itty bitty camera body).

sony a6300

Buttercup (I think)

Let’s go back to our buddy the squirrel.

sony a6300

Hey there Mr. Squirrel

Let’s show you how much detail the a6300 captures now.  Here’s that same shot zoomed in on the squirrel’s face.

sony a6300


That’s a crazy stupid amount of detail, right?

sony a6300

Cool looking flower putting out some vibes to bees in the area

Macro photography is tough, especially when it’s as windy as it was yesterday.  Using the high-speed burst mode of the camera allowed me to take enough pictures that I found one or two framed perfectly between gusts.

I hear criticism of APS-C cameras a lot because they supposedly don’t have the “bokeh” or transition from in-focus to out-of-focus that a full frame sensor has, but I was really pleased with it here.

Later in the day I made my way out to White Rock Lake in Dallas for an epic sunset.  While I had my main camera set up for a time lapse I grabbed a snap of it.

sony a6300

My Sony a7rII set up for an epic timelapse

As you can see, the a6300 passed the image test with flying colors.

Video Sample

I set the camera up on a small gorillapod (thanks Jason!) and took a short clip in 4K resolution so you could see the quality of the video the a6300 produces.  Unfortunately it was pretty dark, but the sky is a cool color so you got that going for you.


Final Thoughts

This one is a keeper.  There are things I like about this camera even more than my a7rII.  Couldn’t be happier so far and can’t wait to see what I can create with this baby in the years to come!

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