Well I did it again: a last minute mileage run to Asia.  I needed to clear my head a little from some unexpected news (everything is fine) and I had Good Friday off, so why not right?

Normally when I’m in Hong Kong I head up to Lugard Road for some sunrise pictures but this time I decided to stay around Victoria Harbour for the sunrise.  Part of me wishes I’d have gone to Lugard Road though because there was almost no haze in the air!  Oh well, I’m still really pleased with the picture I got and it’s this week’s Picture of the Week!

Victoria Harbour Sunrise

Victoria Harbour Sunrise

For the photographers: I used my typical workflow for this one with the exception of a small motion blur applied to the water in Photoshop to smooth out the water juuuust a bit more.  I’ll update the post with camera settings when I’m back on my big computer (in the air right now!)



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