My New Favorite Picture of All-Time!

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I was in Europe for about 10 days over the past couple of weeks for a mixture of work and play. As part of my photography habit I end up perusing through various sites and blogs and kept seeing the same place popping up over and over again. It was a beautiful iconic picture and I just knew I had to have it in my portfolio. When my work in Europe was done I had my chance to take it.

Along the western coast of Italy lies a series of five villages called the Cinque Terre.  They’re massively popular tourist destinations for good reason: the colorful houses dot one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

I only had one night in Cinque Terre before moving on to Lake Como, so I needed the weather to cooperate.  I got to my spot about 3 hours before sunset, early enough to ensure I’d be the first photographer there (it’s a popular spot).  While sitting there and waiting for the sun to set, other photographers and tourists climbed up to see the view, as it’s just phenomenal.  Finally, when the light was just right, I started snapping away!  I took about 400 pictures and still have to go through most of them, but I immediately fell in love with this specific frame.  It’s not done yet but I know I’ll go through and re-work it quite a few times.  Regardless, I am so happy with how this turned out!  Normally I’d save it for a picture of the week but felt it deserved it’s own post.  My previous picture of all time is a sunrise shot I took over Hong Kong last January:

hong kong sunrise

Sunrise over Hong Kong, by Andy Luten

And here’s what I think is my new favorite: Vernazza at Sunset!


Vernazza at Sunset, by Andy Luten


What do you think?  Which is your favorite?


  1. Both are good pictures, but my preference is for the Hong Kong pic.

  2. Hong kong hands down 🙂
    Both are great though, nice job

  3. Love them both Andy, but I am partial to Vernazza. 🙂

  4. They are both great. I prefer the Hong Kong photo since I’ve been there but they are both awesome.

  5. Wow Andy, very nice shots. I prefer HKG.

  6. They are both beautiful. I prefer Vernazza at sunset. It looks like the village has a river of fiery lava flowing thru it! It is pretty cool! Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed your trip!

  7. Both are gorgeous! I’m so of partial to Cinque Terre – Italy is my next big trip!

  8. The HK one is more spectacular.

  9. I like the Vernazza a bit more, but I love landscapes. They are both gorgeous! 🙂


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