Konnichiwa! Reporting from Tokyo here with this week’s picture of the week. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have during the week to get out and take pictures so I had to do my best today. Unfortunately It rained most of the morning, only clearing up once I had made the decision to leave my camera at my hotel when leaving for a walk. But it turned out to be great because the weather cleared up and I got the chance to take a great picture!

One of Tokyo’s iconic sights is the Tokyo Tower. Basically it kind of resembles the Eiffel Tower and it similarly pops up on all the touristy trinkets and souvenirs you see in the shops around Tokyo. Instead of getting the entire tower in one shot (since we had that as PotW earlier in the year) I decided to have it in the extreme background of the shot while using my macro lens to focus on a flower that was much closer. I ended up really liking the result, so here it is, this week’s Picture of the Week!

Tokyo Pedals

Tokyo Petals

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