Let’s Talk about Videos

Lately I’ve been trying to deliver more and more video content to you.  For instance, I gave you some updates from Tokyo and then recorded a miniature tour of Singapore as well.

I think video is fun because it’s a more instant way of telling a story when I don’t have time to write a post.  I know my tendency is to write longer-form blog posts, and some people like that.  The typical blog post, at least according to experts, should be 500-800 words long.  Mine tend to average closer to 2,000!  A video is easier to make happen than finding 2,000 words, so that’s what attracts me to it.

There hasn’t really been too much feedback about the videos, so I want to hear from you: what do you think about the videos?  Here’s a poll to make it easier to share your feedback.

In the comments below, let me know what you’d like to see more videos about!


  1. Many of us look at your contributions with smart phones. It is not always easy to get the power of a bandwidth by a smartphone compared to that which is available from, say, a laptop in a good, strong Wi-Fi area. You might want to check what demand is being placed on a mobile by a video, compared to a still image and use that to gauge whether this is a strong feature. My own experience is that it takes so long to load onto my phone that I’m just as likely to skip a video


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