Hello everyone!  I was just out in Deep Ellum, just east of downtown Dallas, Texas, taking this picture.  Deep Ellum is an arts district that has recently undergone a nice revitalization but has maintained its gritty roots.  In Deep Ellum you’ll find great restaurants, concert venues, and wonderful art installations and graffiti walls.  Two statues buttress the entrance to Deep Ellum when heading south on Good Latimer Expressway.  These status are of the same character: the Traveling Man.  The DART train runs down the middle of Good Latimer Expressway and the Traveling Man relaxes across the street from the tracks, playing his guitar and waiting for his train.

I’ve always meant to take a picture of the Traveling Man and finally made time to do it tonight.  As part of shooting the picture I also came up with a challenge: edit the Picture of the Week entirely on my iPhone using Adobe Lightroom Mobile’s new RAW editing capabilities.  Without getting too lost in the weeds, this enables me to edit RAW images to the level of quality I would normally only achieve when back home or at the hotel with the full Adobe Lightroom version on my various Macs.  In fact, I put together a little video about the challenge, so stay tuned for that!

Anyway, here it is, Deep Ellum’s Traveling Man!

deep ellum

The Traveling Man, by Andy Luten

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