High-resolution pictures from the American Airlines 787-9 Inaugural!

Hello!  Coming to you LIVE from the American Airlines 787-9 inaugural!  Lots of things to be excited about with the new jet, but I’ll save a full review for later.  Let’s get to the pics!

The reason this jet is newsworthy is it debuts American’s premium economy seat as well as their new Business Class seat, was really happy to get some good high-res pics of each for you.

Business Class Seat

american airlines 787

787-9 Business Class seat

The Business seat has been really comfy and is in fact the same seat that Qatar Airlines uses in Business Class on their A350 (which I reviewed here).

american airlines 787

Business Class seat

American Airlines 787

Looking towards the entertainment system

American Airlines 787

Business Class seat

Premium Economy Seat

The Premium Economy seat is similar to a domestic First Class seat with the exception of a footrest on the front row of the cabin and “stirrups” for the other two rows of Premium Economy.

American Airlines 787

Premium Economy Seat with footrest extended

Based on a few minutes sitting in the seat I’d say the best practice will be getting the front row of Premium Economy instead of the other two rows.


Thoughts for now…

The 787-9 (listed as 789 on American’s website) is a great jet and you should absolutely fly it if possible!  I’ll follow up with a full review with detailed pics later, but wanted to send my thoughts from 38000 feet on the inaugural flight!

american airlines 787

Yes this was an empty glass of wine, it was soon refilled.

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