Hello and welcome to Andy’s Travel Blog!  I’m checking in for a week as featured blogger on BoardingArea this week, coming over from my normal home-base of Prior2Boarding.  I have my bags packed and have some wonderful content to show you this week.  And don’t worry, I have a few things saved up to give away as well 🙂

Who is Andy?

Bluffworks Blazer

Yours truly with my Bluffworks Blazer and Bluffworks chinos

I’m fairly laid-back dude from Dallas, Texas, where I work as a financial software implementations consultant for a publicly-traded company.  I started getting into the Miles and Points game back in 2009 when work travel picked up and have loved it ever since.  I’ve been lucky enough to fly in some very nice cabins and stay in wonderful hotels (some of which you’ll see this week).  Two years ago I picked up a camera and decided to start taking that stuff seriously, which has turned into a nice side career.

Why did Andy start blogging?

Back in 2012 my brother and I took an amazing trip to Israel (you can read about it here).  When we got back, people came up to me and said “Hey! How was the trip?!”  I felt like a simple, “good” wasn’t enough to describe an experience like we had but most of the time that was my response.  There were so many cool moments and amazing pictures that I felt like a simple “good” missed, so I decided to write about our trip so people could read all of the boring exciting details if they wanted.  Almost four years and a few hundred posts later, here I am!

What does Andy blog about?

machu picchu pictures images


With rare exception, I’m not a breaking news blog, there are quite a few other blogs that have me covered there.  I blog about life as a frequent traveler who plays the miles and points game.  Most of the time I try to write with an optimistic view on travel and life, although sometimes I get pretty annoyed with stuff that I see out there.  I like taking great pictures and sharing them with you (over 2500 images posted on the blog to date!).  So basically if I think you’ll find it interesting I’ll share it with you from my viewpoint.  I find a gracious attitude cures most problems and tend to write from that perspective, but I’m also pretty sarcastic as well.

Does Andy really talk about himself in third person like this?

Oh man, totally.

Why should I read the blog this week?

Because Andy (ha, see?) has some cool stuff in store for you!  We’re talking videos, pictures, words, and sentences.  So join in on the fun and stay tuned for a great week!

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