You Can Now Bring Cuban Cigars and Rum into the USA!

USA Today reports that President Obama has lifted the ban on bringing back Cuban products into the United States from abroad!



I’m not as big into cigars as I used to be, but the times I’ve snuck Cuban cigars back into the USA sampled Cuban cigars while abroad I’ve loved their bold flavor and smooth draw so this is definitely good news.

What this means

You can now purchase Cuban cigars and Cuban rum while you’re abroad and bring it back into the United States, subject to US Customs allowances.  Cuban cigars are widely available outside the USA, but beware and purchase from reputable storehouses, as forgeries are common, especially for the Cohiba brand.



Cuban rum is similarly easy to find and is perfect for homemade mojitos.

What this doesn’t mean

Unfortunately you still cannot order Cuban cigars from the United States, which is annoying.  But if you’re abroad and are coming back, you’re good to go.


What are your thoughts?  Are you more likely to bring back Cuban cigars and rum now?


  1. Andy, have you heard any reports of a pathway being established for future importing of products to the US, or is this not even being discussed?

  2. My dad just got back from a business trip outside Havana last weekend. He brought home both cigars and a $91 bottle of rum that he shared while we were in town, lol.


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