I love Asia.  It just feels so…foreign.  I’ve been lucky enough to visit Asia quite a few times this year and even more last year, so I’ve managed to compile some (my opinion) really good pictures, so let’s take a look!

Hong Kong

The iconic Lugard Road view of Hong Kong at sunrise is still probably my favorite picture of all time, even though it was taken almost two years ago when I still didn’t really know what I was doing with my camera.

hong kong sunrise

Sunrise over Hong Kong, by Andy Luten

If you want a quick tutorial on how to get to this spot, check out this video.

This February I went on a mileage run to Hong Kong and was kind of kicking myself for flying 30 hours to spend 12 hours on the ground, but then I managed to snag this picture of Hong Kong, which is definitely up there on my all-time favorites.

The Old and the New, by Andy Luten

The Old and the New, by Andy Luten


Singapore has a reputation for being a little sterile, with which I do not disagree, but the architecture is just fantastic!

singapore gardens marina bay

Marina Bay Sands and Singapore’s skyline against a beautiful sunset


Tokyo is an enormous city and the architecture is largely bland (at least to me) but if you get up high you can find some amazing views!  This one is from my company’s old office in Minato-ku overlooking Shiba Park with the iconic Tokyo Tower off to the side.

Shiba Park Vista

Shiba Park Vista


During my trip to Beijing to test out the Bluffworks travel pants, I had a tripod with me at the Great Wall and tried to get some lifestyle shots of me wearing the pants.  I ended up with this picture which I really loved.  The Great Wall wasn’t very crowded that day and it was very peaceful up there.  This picture reminds me of that.

Looking down at Mutianyu

Looking down at Mutianyu


Which picture is your favorite?  Tell me in the comments below!

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