The Big Apple. NYC. HONKHONKHEYWATCHWHEREYOUREGOING. By whatever name you know it, New York City is iconic.  With epic skyscrapers framing legendary Broadway and incredible Central Park, there’s something to see for everyone.

My job requires fairly frequent travel to New York City, so I’ve gotten to know it pretty well over the years.  While visiting for the first time can be overwhelming, you get used to the pace of life there pretty quickly and it’s surprisingly easy to navigate (do pay attention to my top tips for walking on the sidewalks however).  As my interest in photography has grown, the sights of New York City have frequently found themselves in front of my lens, so let’s check out my five favorite pictures of New York City!

(curious about my camera gear?  I detailed it out in this post)

Brooklyn Bridge Park

new york city

This is a classic New York City picture that you’ll see all over 500px and Instagram.  Just after crossing the Brooklyn Bridge there is a park to your right from where you can take this picture.  The pier posts lead the eye directly across the East River into downtown Manhattan (the new Liberty Tower is on the right).

Rockefeller Center


There’s little better than Rockefeller Center around Christmastime, from the tree to the ice rink to the Today Show set across the street, it just screams Christmas.  A note for photographers, though: Rockefeller Center is private property and they do not allow tripods, so be prepared to ramp up your ISO to get the shot you need.

Flatiron Building


The Flatiron Building has been the subject of numerous photos and this one isn’t much different, aside from the black and white conversion.  What I love about this one, though, is the couple seated in the foreground, it’s too easy to lose the human element in New York City, those two remind me to slow down every once in a while.

Central Park

new york city top of the rock

I took this from the Top of the Rock viewing deck (which I think is better than the Empire State Building’s observatory) looking north towards Central Park and the Bronx.  Central Park is a stunning and sudden green space in the midst of so much commerce, the difference is as striking as the park is massive.

Bethesda Terrace

Arches After-1

You’ve seen this in numerous movies, music videos, etc.  About halfway up Central Park is Bethesda Terrace Arcade, which I tried to highlight in this picture, one of my favorites!  I love the vibrant colors of this one and hope you do too.


Which one is your favorite?  What’s your favorite place in NYC?  Tell me in the comments below!

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