USA to Spain for $373 (and London for a little more)!

In addition to deals posted over the past few days, The Flight Deal reports an AMAZING deal to Spain, one of my favorite countries in the world.

As a reminder with all airfares like this you should bear the following in mind:

  • They’re most likely not going to be available around major holidays like Christmas or New Year’s
  • You’ll need to have some flexibility with the dates
  • Many of these fares require a 7-day minimum stay
  • If you’re reading this after November 11th, the fares are probably gone



Details on The Flight Deal

The cheapest origin is from Dallas, where you’ll find the $373 price, but it’s also available from Phoenix for not too much more.  It’s on Delta, but at this price it almost doesn’t even matter if you’re loyal to another airline alliance.


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Details at The Flight Deal

Dallas-London is one of those routes that you don’t see discounted very often, but Delta is attacking American hubs like DFW again with fares to the UK for as low as $495!


Good luck finding a deal that works for you and let me know how you like London and Madrid!


  1. Andy … My wife and I are trying to go back to England to visit family in July 2017 thru Aug 2017. Stay will be 6 weeks. We need 5 tickets so it will cost quite a bit. Any suggestions?

    • I would wait until early next year, although I’m not sure how much it will help. Summer travel to Europe is expensive travel to Europe, even with points.


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