Picture of the Week: Dallas Supermoon

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Ok so earlier today I wrote a post about the Supermoon and whether or not it was a big deal.  General consensus is meh, kinda not too big a deal, but why not go shoot it anyway right?

I went to one of my favorite spots in Dallas after some quick searching on The Photographer’s Ephemeris, realizing the moon would be in a perfect spot in the downtown Dallas skyline.  Lo and behold I nailed it!  The Supermoon was awesome and epic and it looks like I got a good Picture of the Week out of it!



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  1. Not sure if this took a run through LightRoom, but might be advantageous. It was my understanding the Supermoon will be better on Monday night when it comes up about an hour later, closer to sunset.
    On Sunday in Dallas sunset was 5:26 pm and moonrise was prior to that at 5:12pm. Monday moon comes up at 6:01pm and sunset is 5:26pm.

    • Paul, you are correct. I’ll be shooting tomorrow’s moonrise from a helicopter!


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