This Thursday marks the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA.  It’s a massive week for travel and kicks off the dreaded exciting Holiday Travel Season which will last from right about now until the first week of January.  I got to experience this first-hand as I’m on the road in Toronto right now and flying back to Texas the day before Thanksgiving.

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Airports and roads are sure to be packed with people.  This means that there’s a really good chance you’re going to come into contact with some newbie travelers, especially in airports.  This can be really frustrating, but I want to remind you of something very obvious to bring with you when you’re on the road this holiday season:


To the frequent travelers, I get it: inexperienced flyers can slow down the security or boarding process.  Instead of getting angry and passive aggressiving all over them, just remember that many of them don’t travel hundreds of thousands of miles a year like you.  Have some grace, show understanding, and above all be helpful.

  • Infrequent may see TSA Precheck on their boarding pass and not realize that it means they can leave their shoes on, help them and let them know they can leave their shoes on
  • Take it easy on the TSA agents; they didn’t make the policies but it’s their job to enforce them
  • Take it easy on the roads, put it in cruise control and enjoy the ride instead of trying to get there faster
  • Leave earlier for the airport, even if you get through security quickly it leaves you more time to visit the lounge!

It’s sometimes pretty easy to look down on those who don’t travel “like we do”.  Let’s be kind and generous to other travelers this holiday season and help each other get where we’re going with a smile on our faces.

And…if all else fails, that’s what my favorite noise-canceling headphones are for 🙂   (Amazon affiliate link which may pay me a small commission if you make a purchase, thanks for your support!)


What are some other ways experienced travelers can show grace to others?  Share your ideas in the comments below!

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