As many of my readers know, I love photography.  There’s something really fun about capturing a moment and time and using it to tell a story or convey an emotion.  Recently I’ve been looking for ways to broaden my horizons artistically.  A friend (who helps me as a Director of Marketing of sorts for the blog) and I came up with the idea of trying pet portraits as a way to generate some more business from my photography skills.

She and I corralled some dogs and met out at a park in north Dallas yesterday to try out some shots.  I was initially a bit nervous but I had an absolute blast!  There’s something crazy about trying to corral dogs of varying energy levels and getting them to do what you’d like for them to do, but I think the lesson I learned was to simply let the dog be a dog and try my best to capture what made the dog happy.

Since Spring is coming up I will be offering up some pet photography sessions (more info coming on that soon) for friends, family, and even blog readers if any of you are close to Dallas!  Until then I wanted to share some of my favorites from yesterday with you for this week’s picture(s) of the week!

IMG_0831-2 IMG_0832-2 IMG_3436 IMG_4465

For the photographers: (links take you to Amazon, which may pay me a commission if you purchase something thereafter, thanks for your support!) I shot these all with my Sony a7rII with the 24-70 GM lens for the first two and the 16-35 f4 for the last two.  I had a Godox AD600 strobe with a huge umbrella for some lovely and soft diffused light.  I enjoy using the Godox strobe because it’s incredibly portable and has High Speed Sync, allowing me to shoot at incredibly fast shutter speeds with the lens wide open (these were shot at about 1/2000s shutter).  Let me know if you have any questions about the shooting or post processing, the main thing I spent time on in post was removing leashes from the dogs (we kept them on leashes because we were at a public park with lots of other dogs running around).

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