Picture of the Week: Puppy!

Spoiler alert: I’m getting a puppy.  Which means a couple of things: 1) get ready for lots of puppy pics and anecdotes and 2) I need to get a house as well, so basically life gonna get ‘spensive for a bit.

Anyway, I’ve always loved the German Shepherd breed (or GSD if you want to be all snooty about it).  A friend of a friend had a litter which I went and visited yesterday.  Some of the puppies were a bit spazzy, but there was one little enormous 7-week old puppy who was laid back and kinda liked doing his own thing.  He had the perfect blend of cuteness and just enough derp to seem like a good fit, so I got him!  He’s going to stay with his parents for a few weeks longer and then I’ll get to take him home!

As for what this means about me traveling, not too much should change, probably just more road trips while he’s in puppy phase.  I’m really looking forward to a companion and training him up to be a wonderful and responsible dog.

Since he’s a German Shepherd I felt like needed to pick a German name.  I had quite a few ideas but finally settled on what I think is perfect for him.  There was a theologian named Dietrich Bonhoeffer who made a big impact on my spiritual life (his biography, by Eric Metaxas, not only does a great job of telling the story of his life but also the cultural story of pre-WWII Germany and helps you understand how the Nazis could rise to power).  I figured naming my pup after him would be a good way of honoring his memory, not just because of the impact he had on my life but also because he loved the outdoors as well.

ATB readers, meet Dietrich!


For the photographers: I took this with my Sony a7rII and the 24-70 G Master lens at f2.8, ISO 400, and a shutter speed of around 1/640s.  Being a puppy meant he had an attention span that could only be measure in nanoseconds so I snapped quite a few pictures and was lucky to capture this one during a brief moment of focus for him.  A quick edit in Lightroom Mobile and it was ready to go!

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