5 Pictures: Stormy Spring and Texas Bluebonnets

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It’s springtime in Texas, which means the storms are rolling in.  It also means that the state flower of Texas, the bluebonnet, is in full bloom.  When you combine the two, you get five wonderful pictures!  Here are five that I took the other day near the Ennis (the self-proclaimed Bluebonnet Capital of Texas).


texas bluebonnets-3

texas bluebonnets-1-2

texas bluebonnets-5

texas bluebonnets-4

Which is your favorite?  Tell me in the comments below!


  1. As a DFW dweller, I can relate to the beauty of our state flower. Your pictures enhance the beauty. I love all the pics. You have a great eye

  2. I vote for #1. I think all of the photos show a nice use of DOF (Depth of Field). #3 is interesting and I think that a message could be evolved from deeper thinking about it, but for general consumption, I vote for #1. Still debating mentally whether #4 should have a little more DOF and would eliminate the tree on the left, even though the sky transitions behind it.

  3. #1 beautiful

  4. It’s also the speeding ticket capital of Texas. I hate driving through here ughh


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