My #1 favorite rental car agency is Silvercar.  I’ve posted about why they’re my favorite here, did a YouTube video on the somewhat confusing rental process in Denver here, and took a picture of my Silvercar at Monument Valley (which Audi ended up posting on their social media!) below.

Audi A4 at Monument Valley

Audi A4 at Monument Valley

Silvercar posted on their blog and sent out an email today that they’ve been purchased…by Audi USA.  As far as I know operations will remain unchanged but time will surely tell.

I think the move could make sense for Audi.  Silvercar had some great technology that they put onboard their Audi A4s and Audi no doubt could use that to enhance their customer experience.  Not to mention Audi can control the inventory of vehicles for their new rental division and almost treat Silvercar like an extended test drive sort of service for interested customers.

Long-term I think it will be interesting to see how Audi takes advantage of this.  Being a former car salesman I could easily see how Audi could use this as a sales incentive (“Buy an A8 and get a free weekend rental in Denver during skiing season!”).  From a corporate standpoint, Audi dealers provide loan cars for their customers.  I could see Audi corporate using Silvercar as a way to offload old loan cars from dealers who aren’t able to sell them and get more usable life from them (and getting people to pay for the privilege!).

Bravo to Silvercar, who hopefully made a ton of money from the sale.  I feel like they did things simply, honestly, and with a massive focus on the customer experience.  I hope the Audi acquisition further enhances the premium experience for the customer, and, knowing Audi, have every confidence it will.

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