OMG everyone needs to switch to decaf for a minute about the United situation.  It’s the same thing that always happens: someone posts about something that went legitimately wrong and then everyone runs to social media to out-anger everyone else.

Just. relax.  I’m interested in the rest of the story, which will probably take a week or two to sort out, but there’s really no need to say anything else until then.  Although I’d probably get more pageviews if I kept stirring the pot.


ANYWAY, I’m traveling this weekend!  To where?

hong kong panorama-1

That’s right, Hong Kong!  I haven’t been in almost a year and I miss it dearly, so I decided to go over Easter weekend.  I’ll be flying a pretty ridiculous routing on American Airlines but the great news is one of my systemwide upgrades has cleared already so one of the transpacific legs will be in business, which makes me happy 🙂

I’m still deciding where to stay, which hotel in Hong Kong would you like for me to review?  And yes, I’m bringing the drone!

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