Some of the more modern airports around the world make a habit of exhibiting different pieces of art, sculpture, carpet? (thanks, PDX), and music at their airports. It helps people pass the time and is a nice way to bring unique bits of culture to a traveling populace who can always use an excuse to stop and smell the roses.

San Francisco International Airport is one of these airports and they’ve just announced a new exhibit, which will run through the summer in Terminal 1 before security: Mike Kelley’s Airportraits.

mike kelley

Wake Turbulence, courtesy of Mike Kelley (

I’ve blogged about Mike’s Airportraits series before and they remain some of the coolest pieces of art I’ve ever seen (as both an aviation and photography nerd).  Mike and the SFO team selected four of his favorite Airportraits and they’re displayed at impressive scale.  Part of the brilliance of these images is the detail you can see up close, due to the quality of the equipment Mike used for the project.  Now you can see that brilliance for yourself!  (quick plug for Mike’s work: check out his website here and follow him on Instagram here)

So if you’re heading to San Francisco this summer (or are a good friend and do odd things like fly to random cities to see aviation-themed artwork) be sure to check out Mike’s work!  As a reminder, they’re located in Terminal 1 before you pass through security.

Let me know if you stop by and what you think of the images!

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