[reporting to you live from DFW International Airport]

Ok I get it. You’re a Big Important Business Traveler who for some reason is flying on a Friday afternoon and the guy in front of you isn’t getting their stuff ready for security quickly enough.  OH THE CALAMITY.

The real story is you’re probably an entitled narcissist who thinks that because you fly a lot that not just other travelers but the world itself owes you something.

AA 737

Here are some simple truths about traveling during the summer:

  • Security will take longer
  • Many of the people traveling will be inexperienced with things like airport security screenings
  • Lots of families will be traveling
  • Older folks will be going on cruises

You know what that means?  Running into crowds while traveling in the summer is inevitable.  But you know what?  As frequent flyers this is an opportunity for us to give back to others.  If you see someone putting their laptop in a tray with other stuff, instead of rolling your eyes to your buddy kindly give them a heads up that the laptop needs to be in its own tray.  If you see someone taking their shoes off in the PreCheck line, tell them they can most likely leave them on.

Don’t get annoyed with people, try to help them!  Have some grace.  Most people travel on airplanes exactly once per year, they’re not as familiar with everything as you.  If someone looks lost, ask if you can help.  If they’re stressed out, ask if they’re ok.

This is a stressful but exciting time for lots of people.  How cool would it be to help someone have a story that reads “just as we were feeling lost and like we’d miss our flight a kind stranger pointed us in the right direction!” instead of “this total loser jerkface was so mean to us in the security line”.

Rant over…switching to decaf.


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