Mike Kelley, for those of you who haven’t seen my other posts about him, is a renowned architectural and aerial photographer who breaks the internet every once in a while with his viral aviation photography, most notably his Wake Turbulence image at LAX Airport.

mike kelley

Wake Turbulence, courtesy of Mike Kelley (http://www.mpkelley.com)

Today Mike announced a special clinic that he’ll be leading this November in partnership with Canon.  Two days on the field at LAX with incredible L-series lenses and pro-level camera bodies to get shots unlike anyone else.

Canon has a page for the event, as well as a registration link, here.  The clinic isn’t cheap ($1500 USD) but I personally think it’s a bargain for what you get (quoting from Mike):

Somehow I convinced LAX to let me lead a group of 15 people anywhere we want on the airfield from sunrise to sunset. It’s gonna be awesome.

Oh and the best part is Canon is basically providing every piece of gear we could ever wish for – 1DXs, 200-400s, 600s, you name it!

Not only will you work side-by-side with other photographers to get the best images but you’ll also get instruction and tips from Mike himself, access to the great Canon gear, and a couple of prints of your favorite images as well.

It’s limited to 16 participants so if you’re interested, be sure to sign up quickly.  I’m really tempted to sign up!

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